Community Amenities

Residents living in the Glendover Park community can relax and enjoy nature right in their own backyard.  The City of Allen Glendover Neighborhood Park is a 10 acre park featuring and expansive open space with picnic tables, a playground and covered pavilion. Glendover Park is a 10-acre neighborhood park. Its amenities include open space, picnic tables, a playground, covered pavilion, fishing pier, pond and perimeter trail.There is also a catch and release pond with fountain located in an expansive park area that also features picnic areas and a walking path.  



Have younger children?  Take a stroll over to one of the two playground areas. What a great way for the adults to relax and the children to burn some of that endless energy while making friends. 

In addition to the park and playground areas, the community features a beautiful olympic-sized community pool and kiddie pool. Just the place to relax on those warm summer days.